Maigrets Battle Dogs - Rocky and Spike

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As stated in the readme I made this for myself ages ago and made some changes a couple of days ago.

If nothing else my released animal companions are bringing people here to see what WAC is all about which can only be a good thing. :)

Maigrets Battle Dogs - Rocky and Spike



I made this mod for myself a long time ago (2009) but lost it in a hard drive crash so I recreated them and updated a few things as well.

This mod adds two Great Imperial Battle Dogs to the IC Prison District. They will be wandering around, but since it's a small area they can't get out so they will be easy to find.

They have armour, including a spiked collar and are intentionally larger than normal dogs. One has black armour and the other brown armour.

When each is first activated you will get individual Summon Spells so they can be called if they get stuck, which sometimes happens with any companion especially in small corridors in some ruins, or if you've left them somewhere. They have individual AI so you don't need to have both at once and you can leave one or both to wander as needed.

As with my other companions, activate to Follow or Wait. When told to wait they have a fairly wide wander range, so just summon if you can't find them for some reason.

They are essential and are Player Owned and in the Player faction. If you prefer non essential companions that will die you can change it in the CS.

They have a Healing Ability for use in battle which will be necessary as they will go unconscious if overwhelmed or the enemy is of a much higher level, especially if using overhaul mods as I do. I actually had to make several changes in testing while using Waalx Animals and Creatures as some of the enemies knock them down too easily and I expect it would be the same with OOO or FCOM etc. For other players not using mods that increase enemy health and damage this will probably be overpowered, but I "might or might not" change it later.

NOTE: There may possibly be a problem with the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary where the DB members will attack the dogs due to some faction issue with the DB. It happens with my other companions as well so I would suggest leaving them outside in Cheydinhal to avoid this. I don't know the reason for this as Player Faction ensures they are treated the same as the player.

It has also recently been bought to my attention that my companions also detect and attack "sleeper" Mythic Dawn Agents, but as I haven't done the Main Quest for years I can't and don't intend to try to replicate this. You won't be hunted for murder though and it won't affect fame or infamy.

They will have issues with stairs, but will teleport to you if stuck. There's nothing that can be done about this as no creatures in the game can jump. They will swim with you though unlike the felines in the game.

They both have the sneak function added to their main scripts. They will sneak with you, but obviously not crouch. This relies entirely on YOUR sneak skill so if you are detected or come out of sneak mode they will attack enemies. I'm not adding chameleon effect.

They also have Resist Poison 75% and Resist Magicka 75%. The reason for this is I've been finding certain poisons and some enchantments in some mods cause lasting damaging effects to my companions, and since they are essential the effects can become permanent requiring the mod to be deactivated, a clean save made and reactivation.
An example of damage can sometimes be seen with other companions where they will fall down and get up constantly, but since I don't use NPC companions I have no idea if this is still the case.

The dogs also have an intelligence of 30 so they can follow through load doors and for proper Fast Travel. This means they will open gates and normal doors because of this. There are some Main Quest areas they will not follow through as is the case with most companions as far as I know, so just summon as necessary.

I don't do the Main Quest any more as I said above and haven't tested Oblivion Gates, so if you're going into a Gate, make them wait before going in and then summon. Do the same upon exiting just to be sure. There shouldn't be a problem as it usually, (or used to) affects companions with inventories and they don't have one.

New world spaces are fine as I use them and my other companions successfully by using the same method which also means shivering Isles.

You can change their names if you want in the CS or open the console in game, click on her and type -
setactorfullname "New Name" - The name must be in quotes if more than one word. Close the console and save. However, their names will remain the same in on screen messages and that can only be changed in their scripts

I have Shivering Isles installed but no assets from SI were used. Oblivion must be patched to 1.2 however as I used this version of the CS to create them.

Extract the esp, meshes and textures to a temporary folder and check the folder structure if necessary. Then move the files to your Oblivion Data Directory. Activate the esp and head for the IC prison District.

Remove the esp, meshes and textures from your Data folder. Refer to the archive you downloaded for info on which files to remove. Your saves won't be affected. Just answer yes to the message regarding missing content next time you start your game.

There should be no incompatibility with any other mods as far as I am aware unless another mod drastically alters the IC Prison area.

Waalx for the meshes and textures.
Bethesda for creating Oblivion and the CS in the first place for us to use.


My Simple Creature Companion Tutorial can be found here: ... n-tutorial

I can be contacted at SavageArtistry's Forum:

Waalx RealSwords Forum:

TES Alliance

TES Adventures:

NOTE: Registration is required for all of the above.

Tesnexus via PM.


This mod must not be uploaded anywhere else for any reason whatsoever. No alterations except for personal use are permitted.

Translations are fine as long as I'm contacted first. Most of my companions have already been translated to other languages. I'd just like to know about it beforehand.

The resource files in this mod are not to be used without permission from Waalx.

These files are NOT to be used in any way whatsoever in certain morally questionable so called "adult" mods either. This also goes for the resource files in my other companion mods.


There's some kind of problem with the uploader at Planet Elder Scrolls and according to their forums it hasn't been fixed. When it is I'll upload it there.



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