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What would I be missing not using the overspawn esp.?

I love this mod, but too many critters for my tastes, would this cut back on the number, or would this mess something else up?

do I have to use the overspawn?

or is there a reduced spawn mod floating around out there somewhere?

thanks for any replies

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Taken from the first page of the WAC thread.

This applies to the previous Alpha version but also still applies to the current Beta.
- WAC - Overspawn.esp This esp rework the vanilla creature lists, this one also add the goblins of WAC that aren't touched by the WAC.esp at all. Overspawn make a big difference and you will not see some stuff without it, for example, the new horses of WAC are managed here. This will conflict with anything else that modify Leveled lists (FCOM, MMM, FRAN, OOO, TIE, etc...). WAC Goblins, WAC zombies, skeletons, horses, and some others stuff are controlled here.
So, you will lose much of the content, spawns, undead, new goblins and horses among other things. No, there is no reduced spawn esp, but if you want you can make your own esp to reduce spawn rates or the numbers of creatures, depending on what you want removed.
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If you use DLL with it you could setup the amount that spawns on your own. (DLL - Dynamic Leveled Lists)
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