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[REL] Waalx Guenhwyvar

Posted: November 8th, 2013
by Waalx
I released a small mod containing one big cat I ported to Morrowind last spring when I was in Fiji. I planned to release it but never got to it. I did it tonight. As I'm working on WAC-ME, I figured I should release a little something of it, and that was just a good stand-alone one I already had in my files already.

Download and visuals of it at Morrowind Nexus:

Just a small mod. Add a summoned black panther. The concept is based off the ethereal companion of Drizzt Do'Urden, by R.A. Salvatore.

from Wikipedia:

"Guenhwyvar is a magical black panther called from the Astral Plane by an onyx figurine, most recently in the possession of Drizzt Do'Urden. She is described as "ten feet long, at least, with muscled shoulders as high as a tall man's chest." Guenhwyvar is the high elvish word for shadow."

Mine is not as big as it would be unpractical in Morrowind's interiors for example.


It add a small black panther figurine in Seyda Neen Censor and Office, (it's on the shelves in front of the table with the dagger pinned on the note). The figurine when dragged (equipped) to your character will un-equip but it will summon a black panther - Guenhwyar, who will stay with you and fight for you for around 3 minutes. She has some dialogues choices:

- She can help you go unseen

- She can help you see enemies around

- She can also hunt for you

- She will adjust to your level when summoned

- She's powerful, but not overpowered. I had her die on me often depending on the foe she was facing.

Advantages over a regular animal companion are that she cannot die, or rather she an always come back if you summon her. There's also the fact that she won't bother you if you don't want her around, she's not a dependency

Good for most type of characters, and great for mages as a familiar as she will defend the front-line allowing you to cast from behind. Hitting her matters not, she won't turn on you.

Summoning her in cities in front of guards is fine as well.

The panther texture is based on my black panther texture of WAC for Oblivion. The mesh is a modified Bloodmoon wolf, with new head shape and animations. The body animations are those of the wolf. It work for the most part, except the walk isn't really that of a big cat, the sitting position either, and she doesn't attack with her paws.

Possible bugs:

Try not to leave her in a different cell, or travel away when she's summoned, the script may fail to summon her again if she's left behind somewhere.
Solution: Before travelling or something, equip the figurine and banish the cat. Since she's around for 3 minutes only this should hardly be a problem as with the small time period she will usually go away on her own. I had this bug a few times before, but I changed some of the script variables to global and it didn't occur again. But it may still be present.


Abot - for the close dialogue script
Grumpy & Emma - for inspiration/references about quetting the companion system to work