Possible Temporary Absence Due To Severe Weather

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Just to let everyone know I might not be around for the next few days as we are about to have severe weather including thunderstorms, electrical storms and flooding which could and probably will result in power blackouts as it usually does. This is going to last for at least 3 days and is forecast to be the heaviest rain and storms we've had in 30 years.


The reason I'm posting this is if there are forum issues, which there shouldn't be, they will have to wait if I can't get online due to blackouts and until the storms pass. New registrations are still disabled as I haven't yet had a reply from Alex and I'm not going to let spammers back in until that happens.

Even if we don't have blackouts I will probably have to leave my PC shutdown for long periods, which will drive me up a wall :-( as I don't want to risk electrical surges due to lightning strikes which are already making their presence felt.

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