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Hi everyone,

This will be a short post to let everyone know that I will no longer be caretaking the forum for Alex.

The fact is there are only two people posting and it's been that way for some time and I've decided to move on. I have of course emailed Alex so he knows and can decide what to do from here on.

On December 22 2014 I closed the forum to new registrations due to the host being hacked and the flood of spam. I could, I suppose, have looked into updating the security, but I've seen no real reason to since the forum is only being used by myself and Fessels, and then not for the reason it actually exists. This is something I've become uncomfortable with.

I would like to thank the people who have supported the forum, posted and even lurked here. :)

Take care all,
Maigrets. :)

Addit: It's probably crass to advertise, and I don't think Alex would care, but I've opened my own forum 4 days ago and Fessels has moved there with me. It's about games we play and more which I won't elaborate here, but all are welcome to come and see.
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