[PERMISSION] Skryim port for Springsteel Bell bow.

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Hi waalx,

I've been a really big fan of the SpringSteel Bell bow used in the RealSwords Bow pack and would like to port it over to Skyrim. I will give you full credit if you will give me permission to upload it to Nexusmods.

Thank you,
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Welcome to the forum. :)

You will need to PM Waalx for permission and wait for an answer as he is traveling for an extended period. He does look in at the forums periodically but you'd be more likely to get an answer by PM, even though it may take awhile due to his availability of internet connection. No-one here can do it I'm afraid. Other than that you might talk to Shingouki who is porting Realswords (including bows) with Waalx permission, as he might be able to tell you something.

See this thread:
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