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Q1 -The weapons are not balanced. Adjust them now!
A1 -This is being worked on, and will change in the 12th module. the races modules I release are only PREVIEWS of what it's going to be. It's not the real thing yet, it's only something so you can try them already. Many do play with them as they are and enjoy them even if they have a balance problem. so for now it does the job of what a preview should be.

Q2 - Is it compatible with FRAN, OOO, MMM overhaul?
A2 - As stated in A1, no real balance have been set yet for theses blades. the 12th module should balance them so they can be played along such overhauls..but it is not yet ready.

Q3 - Will you do 'X' race(s) for me?
A3 - No. I won't. I have no time left, please understand how much time I invest in the creation of just the basic 10 races. I have no interest in doing more for the time being. And after 15 modules, I think it will be enough for me like that.

Q4 - Do you want to join our project? we need someone like you on our team!
A4 - As much as I appreciate the fact my work is interesting enough to warrant so much people wanting me to join their team, I have no time for this. My own project here take all I can give, sorry.

Q5 - Why does the elves have Katanas? Only Akaviir have Katanas in should change that!
A5 - It's been discussed since the beginning of the project, and many have proven that it was not directly against Lore to give the elves Katanas. Layout artists at Bethesda pictured them with thin curved sabers..katanas? Anyway you see it, I decided to give the elves katanas to be able to give you folks a greater diversity. Giving them to the Akaviirs that aren't even in the game so far meant that you get no new katanas. Yet they are different from the akaviir ones. each elven race get 5 katanas styled weapons, one dah sword, and 4 other swords/daggers that have no relation with the other elven races.

Q6 - You should switch the Bosmer and the Altmer, so the Bosmer can get the wood ones...
A6 - No. Bosmer can't craft their items in wood according to Lore. Something to do with a pact they signed. They are supposed to be cannibals and savages, not like how are used to picture wood elves. The bone weapons fit them in that respect and I designed these weapons specifically for the Bosmer as they can't use wood. It sounded strange to me as well when I was first told this, but after thinking of it a while I figured it was a cool difference and I should build on it as it is indeed what they are supposed to be using.

Q7 - Weapon 'X' isn't what I had in mind for 'X' module. you should put it there intead...
A7 - Not one of these weapons have been placed in a race module without a lot of thinking on my part. So it may not work for everybody..hey that's life! Yet each one have a history attached to it, and the style of the weapon itself often will dictate an historical origin that is fitting if you read the story. Most weapons are already done or decided or placed into each races, and I will not move them because they have a reason to be where they are, either logical, or historical.

Q8 - You don't have 'X' weapon in that module? you should add it...
A8 - When a module is finished, it is over. No other blades will be made for it.

Q9 - Can I use your weapons in my mod?
A9 - Yes, as stated in the read-me of each module, you can. All I ask is that you respect 2 things:

1 - Notify me, and give me credits for my work
2 - You HAVE to include the copyright text AND the references I used, as stated in each of my Read Me (the references are all different of course!). Many of these swords are copyrighted material, or creations that exist in the real world. Some are also my own.

If you register on this forum here, I will never harass you because you left your email in the registration process. One thing you might like though, is that each time I will release a new module for RealSwords, you will get an instant notification about it by mail. And that's the only times you will ever get an email from this forum.
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