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Waalx, you're too awesome

Posted: December 16th, 2009
by MrVanish
Well, I stumbled onto Realswords while looking for possible source material for a planned mod to diversify races, regions and encounters with some more individual equipment. So I registered and downloaded the whole WAC set. And while browsing through the meshes, looking for things to ask permission for used, I realized, I can't use them: They are just too awesome.

Yep, that's right. The meshes and especially the textures are too awesome for me to use. They are too high quality compared to other material available and I don't have the skills to upgrade the other material to that level to have coherent looking graphics. And downgrading the textures of WAC would be a insult to the work Waalx put into creating them, so that one is out of the question, too.

So you see, Waalx' work is too awesome to be used in anything but WAC (if you aim for coherent game design). Reaching such a level of quality is a feat all by itself. I congratulate you. May I learn some tricks out of the files from the work of a master. :)