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Lately I've been really getting into all this lore for elder scrolls (reading The Infernal City, uesp's lore) since it is one of my favorite if not my top favorite game. To the point, I've been trying to make my own character with his own store and everything. I've always thought about doing it but never went through. Right now I'm focused on the Bosmer and it got me thinking of who my character would look... since they have that green pact and all its not a typical wood elf. This is what I got so far. ..

Savage elves... no foliage. Well then that at first thought makes me think of tiny nord... but that's not right, they are elves after all! So, just a few minutes ago it hit me... emerald! They cant use wood but they can use rocks and that sorts why not use green stone? Then to make it elfy and fit their home, I imagined a sword or small hand sicle(made from a jaw of some lore creature I don't know or a giant bug's arm? idk) with emeralds twirling through it shaped in vines and leaves. That of course then seems too similar maybe to glass... but since its more of a design/camouflage, it wouldn't be big clunky armor for these little guys. I also kept thinking of bone cause of the greenpact but then thats like bonemold thats already a idea taken by the dunmer hmmm...(get back to you on that) I also thought encase they made a whole blade of emerald or a decent sided plate of armor somewhere to give that a wood elf feel you could have fossilize animals( or leaves? is that legal? lol) in them. Finally, to give that 'wild' random look I felt it would be better to have non-symmetrical armor, like one of their legs have that armor and the other doesn't etc etc. Oh and I'm going to go look up stones online to try and find any that sparks interest. Another wild thing could be instead of tiger claw gloves or something typical they could have sharpened emeralds on their fingers... which is still kinda typical /shrug LOL! O! Maybe if you can script a hand to hand combat glove that gives poison attacks... as if the emerald is actually crystallized poison from some secret valennwood cave or plant or animal or idk!

Alright that's all for now. Sorry I know I could have summed it up shorter but... nahhh :]
I hope this help spark some ideas for you Waalx, and ofc as everyone else says, fantastic work on WAC!
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1) Waalx doesn't strictly follow lore, but
2) Lore dictates Bosmer never mastered masonry or anything related.
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