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It's completely unbalanced,

Through my playthroughs I've found weapons and armor tend to break within a few seconds of encountering creatures on the main roads (especially minotaurs, so damn annoying). This doesn't seem right, or sit well with me, and I'm not sure how others should feel about it.

I think you need to drastically (somehow) increase the durability on weapons and armor. I'm all for repairing stuff, but not when I have to do it every time I step outside. Any monster I encounter ends up breaking my heavy armor (and I'm a heavy armor buff in game) within a few seconds. It's pretty silly.
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In that case, just find yourself some different armor.

You say you're a heavy armor kind of guy? try out the Marauder armor. a good place to get that would be the bottom of Fort Urasek, east of the imperial city. I find it has the opposite of what you're describing - if anything, it has too much, and I love it.
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This is still a Beta mod and the main aim at present is to get the content done and make sure there are no actual bugs, which balancing isn't. Making sure WAC doesn't crash the game or glitch out for some reason or the other is the biggest priority to start with, especially considering the size and scope of it.

We all know there are balance issues. These things will be sorted out but you, or anyone else for that matter could fire up the CS and tweak things to your own needs if it bothers you so much.

You might not know it but WAC a one man enterprise that's taken years to get to the stage it's at, and one person can't do everything. Almost, but not quite. :)
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