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Realswords Khajiit v1.3 Issue

Posted: October 21st, 2011
by AKQuinn
The following statement is not mine, it is from Predcon on TES Nexus, but I am having the same issue and I was wondering if a fix was ever found.

"The Khajiit who sells the swords,S'thasa, spends every minute sleeping. I could wake her up to talk to her, and even invest 500 gold in her shop, but because the game seems to think I'm talking to her outside her normal "waking" hours, I can't access her trade menu. The only way I could get at the swords she sells is to pick pocket her display case key and steal the swords from the cases."

Thanks for any help or advice in this matter.

Re: Realswords Khajiit v1.3 Issue

Posted: October 22nd, 2011
by Maigrets
Sorry you haven't had an answer yet but all I can offer is it's a package issue which you already know. Otherwise, hopefully someone who uses the mod separate to WAC may come along with more info.