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Hi. I'm releasing my own mod, and have a bit of questions.

Posted: December 7th, 2011
by asbj0813

I'm working on a rather big mod, that I plan to release some time. But I got a problem with the mod that adds goblin camps. North of Anvil, under Highrock, I've placed an island, but the real problem is, that I've also placed a giant castle, almost right on top of the brown(correct me if I'm wrong) goblin camp. This has caused the area to be ripped apart, and although it doesn't affect my mod much, it divides the goblincamp, and causes the goblins to appear more or less randomly. I didn'nt quite know what to do, and had to delete some of the spawnpoints, so that if my mod is the last to load, there won't be any goblins. That also makes the goblin camp mod technically required for my mod, although it can still be played without WAC.

I'm really sad that i had to remove the spawn points :cry:

But I have to ask, if I can still get the permission to release my mod. It has been a long time underway, and I'm nearly done. But if it's downloaded, and the goblin camp mod also is, it will remove the brown goblins' camp. Maybe I can move the camp a little?

Thanks in advance.

Re: Hi. I'm releasing my own mod, and have a bit of question

Posted: December 9th, 2011
by Maigrets
If your mod is not dependent on Waalx Animals & Creatures.esm I can't see a problem with moving the camp or editing spawn points as long as you mention it in your Readme. Even if it is dependent the same solution should be enough.

It's shouldn't be your responsibility to make sure every mod out there is compatible with yours as long as people know there may be a potential conflict. We all like to accommodate people who may use our mods, but sometimes that can get quite difficult so you should make your mod exactly how you want it and where you want it, first and foremost. That's not me being mean but the other way round can lead to less enjoyment in modding...believe me.

The goblin camps are not a separate WAC esp, they are included as part of the WAC.esp
WAC.esp Mandatory if you want WAC.bsa to load. This esp places new spawn points in the world. It also change some small parts of the world around the camps (goblins). Other than the landscape editing around the camps, WAC.esp is made so it shouldn't conflict with other things, or mostly not. Even with other overhauls as this esp only place new spawn points.
Since the spawn points are new and added by Waalx you should have no problem editing or removing them.

Good luck with your mod. :)

Re: Hi. I'm releasing my own mod, and have a bit of question

Posted: December 11th, 2011
by asbj0813

It's really one of the biggest projects I've made, and It would be a shame if I couldn't release it. I'll be sure to mention this in both the readme and on site where I'm oploading it.