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So, I am not, by any stretch, a modder. Graphical or otherwise...I do, however, enjoy using them in games I play. I understand that the creatures and such use oblivion content in part. I am curious if the realswords and conan content (especially this as it seems it would fit) use content from oblivion. If it does not, would permission be granted to an intrepid modder to port such fantastic material into Skyrim? I am unsure if other models exist of the Father Sword or the Atlantean. I think Waalx has done a fantastic job and would love to see this in my new favorite game. Hope he's having fun doing whatever it is he's doing btw ;p.
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As far as I know all of the swords are Waalx originals, not sure about all of the armours. Alex has said he had no intentions of modding for Skyrim himself, but I know he's played the game and may or may not change his mind in the future. I'm not speaking for him, that's me speculating and his decision to make.

If I were you I would perhaps PM him via this forum and wait a reasonable time for an answer. If after a couple of weeks you don't get a reply I'll see if I can do something. I would like to see conversions of these weapons and armours myself even if it means Waalx isn't going to do it.
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