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I was going to put this particular video in the Skyrim section since I've watched a complete Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas playthroughs by this guy. They were as entertaining as playing the He's very funny in a dry, witty way, sarcastic (like me) and generally entertaining without being absolutely moronic like some of the playthrough video commentators.

I really don't expect anyone to "get" this except other Aussies as seen in the comments from his Aussie fans who also thought it was funny, so I expect it to fall a bit, unless there are some Aussies, or people who know some around here. I don't get most American humour, ie sitcoms, movies or stand up comedians, and find them very unfunny..... so it goes both ways I suppose. British humour is more my style.

Anyway, I've watched this a couple of times and it still made me laugh, especially the bit at the end where he says we (Australia) managed to get independence from America...and then there's the Canada Day reference... :grin: Someone has their history upside down.

A Lesson In pronouncing Australian Stuff

I used to have a lot of links to videos I wanted to keep, but I seem to have lost a lot of them so I'll have to do some searching even if for myself. You've probably already seen this one, but what the heck. :)

Talking Cats - Translated

Cat Nip Trip....nuff said...I remember the 70's well.

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