[Relz] Realsword Nord + Realswords Imperial Test!

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Please Note that this is a Test Version!

Mod can be downloaded Here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69067

This is a test version the release of Realswords Imperial + Realswords Nord + anything else I've been working on for the last 4 years.

This mod adds about 180+ New Weapons to the game. New Meshes, New Textures, Metal Reflections etc. When all the Variations are included, the actual number is about 350+ new weapon assets.

This is more of a test more than anything else. A lot of the content isnt connected, and this is mostly to just make sure
that the content that is there, is working correctly for people without crashes. Also, to kind of archive my work. The esp
will be getting periodic updates as I gradually inject things into the world. But for now I just want people to test what's there.

This is basically the developer version so there are bound to be a lot of things that you may find...odd. Not all of those things will
stay. I dont recommend using this esp on your good saves at all. Or at least not saving the changes.

All weapons can be found in in game leveled lists and (ideally) on npcs, but all can be purchased at the Solitude Blacksmith for
the imperial weapons, and at the Windhelm Blacksmith for the Nord weapons.

Residual weapons are still at Adrienne Avennichi and Eorlund Gray mane in Whiterun, but that's just temporary. They will be located
in Solitude and Windhelm in the future to match up with the War effort and in game story.

Feedback is necessary for the upcoming version that will have a lot more content, so please test this version and make sure it's working well.
Please report ANY bugs you find.

Thanks for your help testers, and hopefully you enjoy it!
- ShinGouki


- Waalx for the original models and textures. Without him this mod isn't possible. Thanks so much Waalx for such beautiful craftsmanship.
- ImSumDave and 747823 for the wonderful cube maps that I use in this mod. They were a great help, and also can't be thanked enough for their contributions.
- Bellyache for donating my first ever tablet to me, and tons of other texture assistance. Thank you so much. That meant a lot and was a huge help during this mod creation. Thanks so much Bellyache, you're the best!
- FrankFamily and aMidianBorn for some incredible texture guidance and tools. Those things have been invaluable and I thank you both so much for your guidance.
- Maigrets and Elhazan for their wonderful stories and encouragement. Their works are not in this version yet but they will be soon. Avid readers are in for a huge treat. Thank you both!
- You modders interested in the mod. Without your continued love and interest in the mod and wanting its release, this mod would have died quite a long time ago. So thank you all for supporting me in your own ways.

- Hopefully you guys enjoy what I've created and worked on for the last little while. Also, feel free to add pictures as I don't really even remember all the things I added.
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It looks amazing. I have not come around since months and just spotted your post just now. But I am downloading this mod this very weekend and will try it. Thanks again.
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